Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Remind me to do this more often!

In the garden, tanning (burning), drinking coffee, reading Grazia ( don't normally but decided to give it a go...) and eating blueberries and caramel stroop waffels. Thanyou sunshine and thankyouuu budgens half price fruit!! This is the life!

Revision? What revision?! X

If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will.

Is it just us or has Alexander Mqueen been watching 101 Dalmations? His display of elegant pencil skirts, eccentric tailoring and his 101 variations on dogstooth would definateley not look out of place in the wardrobe of deliciuosly evil villain Cruella De Vil.

This is not a bad thing at all, in fact we have come to the conclusion that Cruella is probably the best dressed Disney villian, if not character, of all time. What do you think? Having said that I wouldn't mind owning Cinderella's ball gown and Princess Jasmines crop top is very this season!

But in terms of what I would most want to wear down the street I'm going to have to go with Cruella, besides, fur looks set to be big next season and she's got a lot of it! But despite our admiration of her wardrobe though, what we're hoping is not so big next season is Dogstooth and while it's unlikeley, Mqueen wasn't the only show to display it. Here it is at Preen and Moschino:

We love it in combination with Mqueens exciting structural tailoring but would honestly rather walk down the street with an umbrella on our heads (see below) than a Dogtooth coat on - in real life it ends up looking uninteresting. But who knows? By November we could be head to toe in the stuff!

P.s. 3 more exams and we're officially all yours. Betwixtandbetweenxxx

Monday, 15 June 2009

OMG NEXT SEASON NEEDS TO HURRY UP!!! Pixie Geldof (damn her again in ANOTHERbeautiful desginer dress) shows off luellas up coming autumn/winter 2009/10 collection go on Vogue n check it out! militant style, black and gold, tweeds, soft duckegg blues and OMG again to the shirt/fur coat combination teamed with red lipstick! bravo luella!xxxxx
oooh cut off tops! last week attacked a pyjama top with scissors and now its my favourite cut off shirt! and if your not handy with the scissors american apparel people!!! they look best with acid wash denim shorts ( well thats how i wear mine :P) or a contrast body con skirt (nude brights people!) dms finish the look ( yes last season but i love minee :D) but have fun this summer i will be stocking up on crop tops for reading!!xxxxxxx

WOW lots of posting without me!

ok so i'm the lazy one :P but i have to agree! ACID WASH DENIM IS MY NEW LOVERR. run to rokit people cut off levis for a tenner! and i was thinking of buying the £27 ones from american apparel! denim shirts are in abundance all over brick lane (again levis) althought i was lucky and got one off my gran from bhs! looll a tip, acid wash and nudes BEAUUTTIFFULLL combination i must sayy! but do not i repeat DO NOT go and purchase any usual denim skirts or playsuits because we will find you loollxxxxxxxxx