Friday, 10 April 2009

We'll be backk...

Though we doubt too many people will have noticed we have in fact been absent from blooging for a little while this is because GCSEs (which are in like, ahhh!, a month?!) have been taking up almost all of our time. (MY BLOODY TEXTILES PROJECT IS ENOUGH TO PUT ME OFF FASHION FOR LIFFFE). But, for anyone out there who might be concerned, we will be back after our exams when we will have ten blissfull weeks of nothingness (apart from august 27th-30th when well be at READING FESTIVALLL ... sorry we had to share that were VERY excited) when we can post to our hearts content. And before that weve got the rest of the easter holidays to find time between revision to post so i guess we might be back briefly. Anyway we just thought we should let people know we wer'nt gone forever before we were completely forgotten!
Betwixtandbetween xxx