Tuesday, 10 March 2009


A collection that was distinctively Chanel. Tweed jackets & monochrome colour schemes looked grown-up but look closer and there was a playful, mischevious and sometimes seductive edge.... Although not all of it was particularly inspiring, overall we really liked the collection - and the more interesting looks will definately be influencing our wardrobe come september...

Monday, 9 March 2009

Marc Jacobs

Last A/W it was nothing but black, this season its anything but black and next season it seems as if it could be a happy mixture of the two, or atleast it will if Marc Jacobs has anything to do with it...

Moschino cheap and chic.

We loved the mickey-mouse -ear-bows and the red. Were gonna have to find a way to make ourselves some of these!...


The tough edged "inner rock goddess" inspired, structural dresses at Lanvin made Black exciting again. And more fur...

Dries van noten

We lovved this collection, a toned downed verson of Summers colour blocking. The vibrant colours clashed but their rich hues meant they worked together better than pefectly. We really love that peach satin maxi dress and the blazer worn with the bright red lipstick. It's such a simple but edgy look.

3.1 phillip lim

we liked the trouser suits, ruffled shirtsreminiscent of the 70's. We also liked the fur jacket similar to the one spotted at luella....can we see a trend coming?

New crush.

Our latest girlcrush is austrailian model Abbey lee Kershaw, shes absolutley beautiful and has that envy-inducing gap tooth (my latest obsession). She reminds us a little bit of Lily Donaldson here. She's already done covers for V, dazed and confused and Vogue as well as campaigns for Gucci and Calvin Klein. Plus she got to wear that amazing McQueen floral dress, even if he did faint because of the restrictive corset....

Friday, 6 March 2009

Even though we can't wait for spring....

we can't help looking forward to A /W and with fashion week being in paris already we thought it was finally time we commented on some of the collections other than Luella. (though thats in here too. sorry.)

So far were feeling the kind of military-country-club look going on at Prada, proenza schouler and Luella. There was a lot of tweed and wollen fabrics but they were put together in a way that gave a potentially boring, monotonous and somewhat overdone look a young, exciting edge. We love the dress at Prada (above) - brown with a seductive flash of red at the neckline.
We liked Alexander Wang and Balmains's collections, but felt as if they were leaning a bit too heavily towards the trends of the past two seasons: black, wet look fabrics etc. Never mind. We're still lusting over Balmains shoulder pads even if quite possibly impractical and potentially dangerous in everyday life. Plus we never did get round to doing studded last winter and Balmaind amzing dress gives us the perfect oppertunity... And who cares if we just stopped wearing black? We still want to own everything in the Wang show!
more to come later...i have to go!!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Last season they were tartan and now i've got to be jealous of my brothers demin shirt. :( hmm, gonna have to find a way to "borrow" it before i can get to portobello market (he got it there for £10!) or the mens section of M&S where we saw some before that we were planning to bleach... they were £25 though... i guess i'm just going to have to erm, borrow, my brothers for now.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

"this is an announcement to remind customers..."

So we were out in London today taking photographs - L with my mums camera that eats batteries at a rate of 2 per half hour and me lugging my polaroid around attraacting the attention of tourists and small children everytime i take a photo. Anyway we had gotten up worryingly early for us and had tired ourselves out running from random tombstones on backstreets that were making strange noises (actully airconditioning from the flats above but thats besides the point!...) and so we decided to get off the the one stop early on the way home and take a trip to Lidl and play "all you can eat for £5". we then returnedto the tube platform where we attracted a fair amount of attention as we sat on the bech for a good half hour eating our sour worms, marble cake and scotch eggs. Then just before we left i decided i wanted one last polaroid picture of the Tube train coming into the station so as the next train came i heaved out my camera and took one. We then (being full of 95p chocolate and not wanting to move yet) decided to get the next train and so sat on the platform making jokes about how i'd blinded the driver when we suddenly heard from the announcement "customers are reminded not to use flash photgrophy in the station as there is a risk of the driver being blinded" and they repeated this announcement once over as if who ever had been watching me on the security cameras couldn't see my face going red!! And if that wasn't enough they then sent a man down to lecture me who didn't go away until i promised never to do it again. I guess you learn something new everyday. And i won't be getting my camera out on the tube again anytime soon...
And the worst part was the picture didn't even come out well!