Saturday, 28 February 2009

I want gap teeth!

one of those things you always wanted but never realised it...

River island??

We had an unepected expierince last week when, having trawled Brick lane unsucessfully for hours ( well not entireley unsuccessfully, we found a great nude blouse for only £9 and the seemingly Dream dress that then turned out not to fit either of us...) we walked into River Island on oxford street - which we would have simply walked past had we not been desperate for pearls to match the £9 blouse for a party- andfound some of the first things that we actully wanted all day ( as apposed to "i'll have to buy it because i have no other clothes!"). Nestled among more, erm , unsightly items were several brightly coloured tulip skirts. The perfect shades (namely fushia pink) for colour blocking and contrasting with the nude vest I then brought from Topshop - which is also (mainly courtesy of the Unique collection) beginnig to bring in some good clothes. ... things are looking up!

Sigh... happens every season. Just as your getting into spring/summer fashion week comes along and you just want to wear all the wonderful new looks the designers have dreamed up!

Monday, 23 February 2009

Luella A/W 09 - 10

Luella Bartley unvieled her perfect (as always) Autumn/winter collection today. Perfect in that she has taken elements of last season (military, chiffon, high shine fabric...), deconstructed and re-written them, and then completed the whole collection by throwing in the classic punk-girl-next-door style Luella's collections have become famous for. Creating the ideal follow on to Autumn/Winter 2008-09. Her fesh take on military is a welcome change to the obvios interpritation: military jackets, khaki etc. The heavy wool skirts and dresses resembled military uniform but were extremely wearable (TOO wearable...were lusting after them already! :( ...Better start saving!). But it wasn't all army dress up. She also showed off more her great evening wear "get drunk and fall over in" outfits. We are in love with the black satin and gold panel dresses complete with discrete but seductive transparent panels and the strapless brocade mini-dress modelled by Pixie Geldof. And just when we thought it could't get anymore genius she magaed to take one of our faveourite trends of this season, nudes, and translate it to next in a satin pannel dress and and a tiered dress in the same colour!

We thought it wasn't possible but we now love Luella Bartley even more...!

Sunday, 22 February 2009


The Luella A/W 09-10 catwalk show is tomorrow. At 10 o clock. We CAN'T WAITT to see it... <3>

Monday, 16 February 2009

Blazers and Shoulder pads...

The 80's revival has been bubbling up for a few seasons now and was a recurring theme on the S/S 09 runways - from the loose cindy Lauper-esque bows in the Topshop Unique collection to the mildly intimidating shoulder pads at Balmain. Anyway, were loving this whole look and have been working it so far in the form of blazers (this season weve returned our dads oversized suit jackets in favour of, embarrasingly, our school blazers - minus the logo ofcourse). We've also been to the habidashery (this is becoming a regular occurence thanks to our growing dissatisfaction with the high street!) and purchased some shoulder pads which we plan to fix into jumpers

and this American Apparel dress if they would only bring it out in brighter colours...

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Crucifixes are dead and gone, and no comment if you've got a tartan bag on your arm! Its all about chain bags, net vieling and pearls!

Spring/Summer 09 (FINALLY)

The snow is gone, it's already New York fashion week and we are crazily bored of black, we think it is finally time to (reluctantly) kick off the Doc.Martins and embrace Spring/Summer 2009. Ofcourse, this is easier said than done and we're going to have to find some money and some good shops (Topshop isn't looking too promising...) before we can really begin the new season. but, all this aside, here are our favourite trends of the new season,as elle was getting us nowhere with their 'no trends' talk:


Seen at chloe, giles, erdem, miu miu...shades of cream, apricot and peach created a young innocent feel. A softer revitalisation of last seasons dark romance.

AS well as these skin-tone shades we really like the pastel and candyfloss colours at Topshop Unique. Who are also displaying some of the best pieces of "distressed denim", topped with messy iconic 80's bows. Will definately be buying some of these pieces when they come into stores, alas, not quite luella but all that is in our price range.

Colour Blocking and Acid Brights.

THANK GOD. Like we said before, we could not take any more black! Luckily bright colour was all over the s/s catwalks - Alexander wang to Lanvin. Will you look at the blazer?!! We are currently coveting Wang's entire collection!

Our favourite colour blocking combinations were the clashing yet complimentary purple-orange at luella (who's whole collection we are in love with. Again.) and orange this time was teamed with fushia and powder pink seen at Richard Nicoll who's collection showed this seasons colour blocking trend at its best. Both designers also ruled on the asymetric front:from off the shoulder pieces to frill layering, must have dress compositions for the on coming season.