Friday, 6 March 2009

Even though we can't wait for spring....

we can't help looking forward to A /W and with fashion week being in paris already we thought it was finally time we commented on some of the collections other than Luella. (though thats in here too. sorry.)

So far were feeling the kind of military-country-club look going on at Prada, proenza schouler and Luella. There was a lot of tweed and wollen fabrics but they were put together in a way that gave a potentially boring, monotonous and somewhat overdone look a young, exciting edge. We love the dress at Prada (above) - brown with a seductive flash of red at the neckline.
We liked Alexander Wang and Balmains's collections, but felt as if they were leaning a bit too heavily towards the trends of the past two seasons: black, wet look fabrics etc. Never mind. We're still lusting over Balmains shoulder pads even if quite possibly impractical and potentially dangerous in everyday life. Plus we never did get round to doing studded last winter and Balmaind amzing dress gives us the perfect oppertunity... And who cares if we just stopped wearing black? We still want to own everything in the Wang show!
more to come later...i have to go!!

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