Sunday, 3 May 2009

The fashion drought cure.

So like we said before we have GCSE exams coming up very soon which, obviously, is stressful in itself. But add to this situation Two fashion obbsesives, Who never have to wear school uniform again, 15 exams, and Shops everywhere completeley empty of anything we want to wear and it makes for added stress and little revision! And so weve decided to get ourselves down to the newly opened primark to pick up some cheap basics and then to the local habidashery and we're going to have to solve this seasins Fashion Drought ourselves! H&M have already hooked us up with a few items currently awaiting the Betwixtandbetween touch which we'll show you if they turn out successful! But I thought that I would give you a preview of my latest project while I avoid revision...

I was inspired by this skirt from Topshop and predictably Luella, and though it's probably a bit ambitious this is basically what i hope to do (what can i say? I'm desperate!!):
Through in some ribbon and some ruffles and Voila! (I'm not sure how comfortable this will be in an exam but when do i ever dress for comfort?!).With any luck I'll work work out how to re-create the whole collection before the summers over!
If have anymore ideas we have anymore ideas we'll be sure to let you know and if you have any then we'd love to hear about them!

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  1. good look with the exams both of you.
    i've got quite a few modules to do in the next few weeks.
    i love customising clothes too.
    i've never been on your blog before, but its really lovely.
    please take some time to come and check out mine :)