Thursday, 9 July 2009

Emma Watson

Emma has been around in the media loads recently what with the new Harry Potter film and those infamous Burberry ads and I have to say she's growing on me. It's not that I disliked her before just that I'm not a massive Harry Potter fan (unlike he other half of this blog :P) and that her style is not really mine. But she does dress well and I really like this outfit. She's really made this Christopher Cane dress work; I like the way she hasn't just copied the entire catwalk look but has kept the look clean and hasn't tried to make it too individual and overdone things. The dress remains the centre of the look which is important with such a statement item. The tassles on the clutch also add to the outfit. Understated and exciting. Perfect.


This outfit I'm not so keen on however. The dress suits Emma's style well - it's young but also simple and chic. It isn't something I would wear but I like it on her. But what I don't like in this outfit are the Brogues. I think that in general they have become a bit tired and overdone and I think they do not suit this look or Emma. They look akward on her, they're sort of too big and clumpy.



We also didn't think much of the styling in Emma's ELLE uk shoot - a little "middle aged" (said my Harry-potter-fan-blog-partner of the below picture). It could have been so much more inspired...


  1. That last picture is amazing! She looks stunning and the outfit is to die for!

    Love Christina x

  2. I love love love Emma! Did you see her at the premier of the newest Harry Potter movie?? Ahhh, she was wonderful! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. completely agree with what you said. The first look is gorgeous, the dress looks stunning on her... i hadn't seen that picture before, thanks for posting it :)

    and i agree about the second picture too. the brogues are eh and I don't like the colours on her. oh well - win some, lose some.

    thanks for your comment!