Saturday, 28 February 2009

River island??

We had an unepected expierince last week when, having trawled Brick lane unsucessfully for hours ( well not entireley unsuccessfully, we found a great nude blouse for only £9 and the seemingly Dream dress that then turned out not to fit either of us...) we walked into River Island on oxford street - which we would have simply walked past had we not been desperate for pearls to match the £9 blouse for a party- andfound some of the first things that we actully wanted all day ( as apposed to "i'll have to buy it because i have no other clothes!"). Nestled among more, erm , unsightly items were several brightly coloured tulip skirts. The perfect shades (namely fushia pink) for colour blocking and contrasting with the nude vest I then brought from Topshop - which is also (mainly courtesy of the Unique collection) beginnig to bring in some good clothes. ... things are looking up!

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