Monday, 23 February 2009

Luella A/W 09 - 10

Luella Bartley unvieled her perfect (as always) Autumn/winter collection today. Perfect in that she has taken elements of last season (military, chiffon, high shine fabric...), deconstructed and re-written them, and then completed the whole collection by throwing in the classic punk-girl-next-door style Luella's collections have become famous for. Creating the ideal follow on to Autumn/Winter 2008-09. Her fesh take on military is a welcome change to the obvios interpritation: military jackets, khaki etc. The heavy wool skirts and dresses resembled military uniform but were extremely wearable (TOO wearable...were lusting after them already! :( ...Better start saving!). But it wasn't all army dress up. She also showed off more her great evening wear "get drunk and fall over in" outfits. We are in love with the black satin and gold panel dresses complete with discrete but seductive transparent panels and the strapless brocade mini-dress modelled by Pixie Geldof. And just when we thought it could't get anymore genius she magaed to take one of our faveourite trends of this season, nudes, and translate it to next in a satin pannel dress and and a tiered dress in the same colour!

We thought it wasn't possible but we now love Luella Bartley even more...!

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  1. I love Luella! I always look forward to her collections.

    megan /